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Living the Light... Giving the Gospel... Developing Disciples of Jesus Christ

Community service
We are a missional church; that involves certain core values; to be Christian; to be holy; and to be missional. These values are mutually interrelated and involve all of us on a local, district, and world-wide level. These values are played out in our sincere, passionate commitment to care for people. This caring lies at the very heart of missional theology and is a familiar feature of every healthy, growing church. The saying is true¦€œpeople don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.€

Community service
Ours is a church where people care deeply; where the evidence of God's love in the attitudes and actions of everyone is present and growing. Locally, we are heavily involved in the prison ministry, free-food ministry, and free Biblical counseling. In the near future we will add a free car-car care ministry for those who can'€™t afford the means to care for their car on a regular basis. On a district level, we help support work and witness teams as they venture out to build and update missions stations on Indian reservations in the U.S. and mission stations world-wide.
Community service
 Speaking of our world-wide ministry, we contribute to support those who are called to take God's love and the gospel of Jesus Christ to people all over the globe. Presently 788 Nazarene missonaries serve in 151 world areas, whereas just one hundred years ago there were only 31 missionaries serving in 7 world areas. We'€™re on the move€¦taking the Great Commission seriously.
Community service